Manpower / Contractor

Manpower is the core of the SFS business.

Throughout Scandinavia we can supply many disciplines such as:

On site supervision and manpower allocation
Electrical (HV, LV, Testing, installation, cable pulling)
Warehouse / stores management
360 Operators / drivers
Tractor drivers
MEWP operators
Fork lift drivers
Fire Marshals
Painters (Interior / Exterior)
Form workers
Door monitors / Security personnel
Concrete workers
Cleaning crews
General Operatives / Laborers
Traffic wardens

On Site Service

One of our key strengths at Scan Facility Service is our on-site service and representation.

Your contractors (and you) will have a “go to“ person for each site. We pride ourselves in taking care of all our contractors and clients no matter what the issue, large or small.

Rotation (workpattern) planning, time keeping, and basic administration services are available, these can be discussed with your contact at SFS.


Accommodation is a serious matter when contractors work away from their home countries. At the end of the day, a place to relax is important. You can choose your own accommodation or engage us to find the right accommodation solution for you.

When you engage us we will locate suitable worker accommodation for the duration of the project at each site, or very close to it.  Our accommodation will have a good standard which we will monitor very closely. As a rule, we designate 1 person per bedroom unless contractors wish to share rooms. All other amenities are be in line with the amount of people sharing the accommodation.

Accommodation services such as cleaning, linen, pre inspection, post inspection and on call maintenance are available, these can be discussed with your contact at SFS.

Health & Safety

We regularly review our health and safety policy and ensure at all times we are in line with site rules and regulations. Our contractors are provided with industry approved standard PPE before arriving at site.

If for any reason a contractor is not well or not 100% fit for work, our team will take appropriate action and provide them with rapid treatment options.


In our world of changing regulations and rules, compliance is a big part of the work we undertake. This means when our contractors arrive at site, they are country compliant, site compliant, industry compliant and (if required) local work-place agreement compliant.

Transport Services

In country transport services can be made available from a simple pick up at the airport or daily to and from site transport. We are also able to provide vehicles for multiple purposes depending on your needs and circumstances which can be discussed with your contact at SFS.

Salary and Payroll Services

All contractor salaries are paid in accordance with local employment, tax, and work-place agreement laws relative to their personal circumstances. Holiday pay, sick pay, and pension contributions (if eligible) are administered according to the local requirements.

Payroll services can be provided for in country compliance through our approved payroll providers. If you require payroll services for existing employees or contractor’s please discuss with your SFS contact.