SFS Guidelines

SFS Guidelines

These are the guidelines for all Scan Facility Service employees.

The section contains both general information as well as construction site specific information.

We suggest you read everything before you start.

Personal Information (PI)

Before we can process your data, you must sign a GDPR agreement. This is done by online interaction with our HR-system. 

Update or Change of Personal Information

SFS must keep updated information about our employees at all times. To change or update any PI e.g. home address, bank details, emergency contact etc., write an e-mail to apply@scanfacility.dk stating a request for change or update of data e.g. “I wish to change personal information”. Then SFS will send a link from our HR-system that allows to update the data directly. 

Do NOT send personal information in emails or via SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.



Scan Facility Service provides vehicles for transportation for our employees between the provided accommodation and the workplace, free of charge. Certain obligations and responsabilities relates to using this free service. It is voluntary if the employee wants to use this free service.
Should the employee not want to use the free service and take on the responsabilities and obligations relating to using our vehicles getting to and from work from the accommodation the employee must themselves arrange transportation. In this case Scan Facility Service will not reimburse any cost for the transportation.

Some employees will drive the vehicles. To drive our vehicles the employee must have a valid drivers license and sign the driver agreement before driving.

Driver Agreement
Driver agreement must be signed before you receive the keys and drive our vehicles. The bullets of the drivers agreement are:

  • Having a valid driving license.
  • Adhering to all traffic rules and regulation.
  • Reimbursing Scan Facility Service the entire value of the car driven plus an extra fee if the car is confiscated due to reckless driving or for any other reason.
  • Not tampering with the GPS installed in the vehicle!
  • When fuelling the vehicle to register the license plate and the kilometers correctly in the OK App.
  • Ensuring that everyone in the car is wearing a seat belt.
  • Speeding tickets and/or parking tickets that I incur are being paid by me.
  • Not allowing the use of alcohol or drugs by anyone in the vehicle.
  • Not using electronic devices such as phones etc. whilst driving.
  • Not to transport any unauthorized passengers such as family members, or friends.
  • Not to transport any unauthorized goods such as e.g. dangerous goods in the car.
  • Allways to turn off the vehicle, remove the keys, and lock the vehicle when it is left unattended.
  • Only using the vehicle between the provided accommodation and the workplace.
  • Immediately reporting all accidents or traffic violations that I am involved in to SFS Office.
  • When handing over the car, it must be clean.
  • Deliver the car back with full tank of fuel.

Taking Care of the Vehicle
When the employee is provided with a vehicle, it is the responsibility of the employee to keep it clean and legal.

Fuelling the Vehicle
To refuel the vehicle Scan Facility Service provides access to our online fuelling app provided by the fuel company OK. Employees taking on the responsability must download the OK Erhverv application. Only registered drivers of vehicles are allowed access to the fuelling app.

SFS will register the employee as user of the OK Erhverv app.

When fuelling it is important and a requirement that the correct vehicle is selected and that the correct total-kilometers from the odometer is entered.

It is never allowed to smoke in any of the vehicles. In the event of violation, a fine will be imposed and the cost of cleaning the car will be charged to the employee.

Change of Vehicle
If a vehicle for any reason is replaced, it is always the driver’s responsibility to have a new driver agreement signed.

The employee is fully insured when the driver agreement is signed.

Reckless Driving
If any employee undertakes reckless driving causing danger to others it will lead to immediate termination of use of vehicles and could lead to termination of employment. If a vehicle is seized by the authorities due to reckelss driving the driver is held solely responsible to repay the value of the vehicle to Scan Facility Service.

Speeding Ticket
All speeding tickets must be paid by the driver himself (or shared with the other fellow passengers)

Parking Ticket
All parking tickets must be paid by the driver himself (or shared with the other fellow passengers)

Reporting Fuelling Figures Incorrectly
All out vehicles are closely monitored by GPS. Likewise we monitor their fuel consumption. It is important that the employee, when trusted with one of our vehicles, reports the correct figures when refuelling the vehicle. Any misreporting or intentional faulty reportings will lead to immediate termination of vehicle use (and could lead to termination of contract) and the cost incurred will be claimed towards the employee.

GPS Monitoring
All our vehicles have a GPS installed to monitor their use. SFS have an obligation towards the authorities to always know where our vehicles are.
It is NOT allowed to tamper with the GPS installation. If SFS discovers intentional tampering with the GPS installation it will lead to termination of use of vehicles and could lead to termination of employment.


Scan Facility Service provides accommodation for their employees. The accommodation provided will in most cases be located in close proximity to the workplace. The accommodation will be single rooms of decent quality.

Before Moving In
The employee will need to sign a accommodation agreement before moving in. 

Caring for the Accommodation
It is important that you take good care of the accommodation. The employee is representing SFS when living in the accommodation. 

Respecting Neighbors

When living in accommodation provided by SFS the employee must respect the neighbors and the surroundings.

Broken Things Must be Replaced by the Employee.
All broken things will be replaced by the employee at the cost of the employee.

Take care of the environment and use common sense. Turn down the heat when you are not in the accommodation.
Reckless consumption of heating will be taken seriously and may end in diciplinary actions being taken. 

All windows must be closed when the heat is on.

Smoking is only allowed outdoors in designated smoking areas. Violation will cause fines and the cost of sanitizing the accommodation will be paid by the employee.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Scan Facility Service employees are provided with high quality workwear and protective equipment.

  • Safety Helmet
  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Gloves
  • Jacket with high-vis
  • Trousers
  • High-vis vest where required

The employee must bring his/her own ankle safety boots as they are NOT provided by SFS.

When the employee is handed out the PPE, a receipt must be signed. If the employee resigns from SFS within 3 month, the cost of the PPE will be withdrawn from the salary.

Always Wear PPE on the Construction Site
All employees working on a construction must always wear the required safety equipment. The requirements can vary from construction site to construction site. It is always the responsability of the employee to know and respect the construction site rules.
If any employee breaches the construction site rules, diciplinary actions will be imposed. Ultimately breaching the construction site rules can lead to termination of contract. 


Employment Contract

An employment contract must be signed before starting to work.

Employment contracts are adapted to the country/region where the work is undertaken and reflects the local agreements where applicable.

Working hours / breaks

On most construction sites the normal working hours are:

07:00 until 17.00 or 17:30 Monday through Friday.

07:00 to 12:00 on Saturdays.

Sundays are off.

During weekdays the employee will have 2 breaks of half an hour. Normally one break is paid by the employee and the other break is paid by the employer. On saturdays there are no breaks.


It is the duty of the supervisor on site to record the hours worked by each member of his/her team. The collated hours must be signed by the employee and countersigned by a representative of our client.
The signed and counter signed timesheets must be sent to timesheet@scanfacility.dk  on a weekly basis. 

Timekeeping in Denmark
It is the duty of the team supervisor to enter the working hours of each team member in Zenegy. A detailed instruction is given before starting this duty. Furthermore it is a requirement that each employee monitors their own hours entered.


Salary is agreed in the employment contract. Salary is usually paid for a 4-week period, at the end of a month.

It is the responsability of the employee to ensure that SFS has the latest updated bank account information. It is the responsability of the employee to check that the information on the payslip is correct. 

The salary will be transferred to the account provided by the employee. Each employee can only register one active account with SFS. The account provided must be registered in the name of the employee.

Change of account
If the employee requires to change bank account he/she must forward a request to do so using this email: apply@scanfacility.dk   Write e.g. “Request to change bank account information”. From our system we will send a link to update the information. Make sure to enter the correct details. 

Do NOT send bank account details in emails, sms or on WhatsApp etc!

Error in Salary
If the employee discovers a mistake in the salary, you must contact SFS by email on: jm@scanfacility.dk
All errors will be corrected and will appear on the subsequent payslip. 

Salary in Denmark
To process salary in Denmark SFS is introducing the Zenegy software-system. Trials are done early in 2022.

The Zenegy App can be downloaded here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zalary.android&hl=da&gl=US

or if using Apple OS the app is downloadable from the Apple App Store.

The payslips are available through the app.

Once the employee is registered in our systems login details will be sent automatically to the email provided.

Salary in Sweden
Employees in Sweden are paid salary through our Swedish sister company Scandinavian Facility Service Filial.

Salary in Finland/Suomi
Employees in Finland will be paid salary through our Finnish sister company Scan Facility Service Oy.

Some of our employees will be selected for the Supervisor role, representing Scan Facility Service. This is selection is based on both personal and professional qualifications. A Supervisor must at least possess excelent people skills togehter with a proffessional attitude.
Being a Supervisor for Scan Facility Service, means that you will have additional tasks on top of your normal duties.

A Supervisor for Scan Facility Service should:

  • Always act as a role model.
  • Be a good leader for his/her team.
  • Have good overview and problem-solving skills.
  • Be proactive and staying ahead by adopting good time and priority management.
  • Ensure good communication with your team and our on-site project manager or the off-site project manager.
  • Have good conflict resolving skills, respecting the involved parties.
  • Be the first point of contact of his/her team members.

The Supervisor will be a main force in ensuring that Scan Facility Service achieves the set goals. The goals could be, but is not limited to:

  1. Deliver Milestone Goals, as set by our customer.
  2. Enrusing that the Team receives no Yellow Cards.
  3. Ensure all team members’ correct time keeping, registration and signed timesheets etc.
    … and more.

Supervisors will be paid an ad-on to their normal salary provided they consistently perform their assigned duties to a satisfactory level.

Only in exceptional cases Scan Facility Service can offer the employees the option of advance payment. To request an advance payment use salary@scanfacility.dk

Write your full name and state the requested amount and the currency. Do NOT send account information in emails. If after evaluation the request is accepted the amount will be transferred to the account registered to the employee. Note: We can only transfer advance payments to the account registered to the specific employee.

Advance payments will be deducted on the subsequent payslip.

Alcohol / Drugs

Scan Facility Service has a zero-tolerance policy towards alcohol and drugs. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will severely impair the cognitive and physical abilities and will propose a significant risk to the working environment.

Alcohol / Drugs
Consumption of alcohol or drugs during working hours is not permitted, neither at the company’s offices, on the work-site or if you work outside the work-site e.g. in an associated workshop.
If an employee is working (or attempts to work) under the influence of alcohol or drugs, this will result in immediatly being dismissed from work and the employment will be terminated.

Rotation/Working Pattern

The different construction site may have slightly different working patterns also referred to as rotation patterns or simply rotation. These working pattern are governed by the client, location/region, labour legislation, regional or local agreements as applicable.

The normal working pattern is 6 weeks of work followed by 2 weeks off. In a few cases the pattern is 3 weeks of work and 1 week off. The pattern is agreed prior to starting work and is stated in the employment contract. The employer holds the right to shift the working pattern of the employee to align towards the combined workforce required at any one time on the construction site. If the employer excersises this right the employee will be given notice well in advance.

Going on rotation
The employee can go on rotation in weeks as agreed in the employment contract. It is the responsability of the employee to arrange travel in connection with going on rotation. The employee must inform his/her supervisor about going on rotation. All cost relating to going on rotation must be paid by the employee.

Normally it is the responsability of the employee to arrange the rotation travel. In the rare case the rotation travel is arranged by the employer it will be arranged as a return trip from the closest airport of the work place to the entry point in the home country of the employee. 

To / From Airport to Accommodation
All local transport to and from the airports relating to going and coming back from the rotation must be arranged by the employees themselves both in the country of work and in the home country. Only in very rare cases is the transportation to and from the airport included in the terms and conditions relating to the employment.

If the employee does not return at the agreed time coming back from rotation it
will be regarded as absence. Ultimately this can up with a warning and eventually termination of employment.


Food for lunch must be brought by the employee and eaten in the dedicated areas.

Some construction sites offer the possibility to purchase freshly made food and canteen areas.

Holiday / Public Holidays

How holiday is regulated is very different from country to country.

In general all holidays must be planned well in advance and must be coordinated between the workplace, the employer and the employee.

To request holiday the employee must contact his/her supervisor or the SFS Project Manager on site.

Holiday in Denmark:


Holiday in Sweden:

If the employee works in Sweden, he/she is covered by Swedish holiday legislation that gives them various benefits, including: days of holiday (semesterledighet), holiday pay (semesterlön) and holiday remuneration (semesterersättning). The law gives the employee the right to 25 days of holiday and 4 consecutive weeks of holiday during the period of June, July and August, unless otherwise is noted the collective agreement. Also, the employee have the right to save a number of your holiday days each year for a maximum of 5 years and thus, if it is possible at the workplace, he/she can have more holidays one year than another.

  • Holiday days: All full time employees are entitled to take at least 25 days holiday per year.
  • Holiday pay: Is the pay the employee receives during their holiday. Holiday pay consists of the current salary, any supplementary salary and a holiday bonus.
  • Holiday remuneration: This is paid at end of employment if the employee have not used all the holiday days that he/she is entitled to.


Everybody can become ill or sick from time to time. It is important to get proper sleep and restitution to stay healthy. Should an employee become sick he/she must be well rested and symptom free before coming to work again.

Reporting Sick
In case of illness, the site supervisor must be called at the earliest possible convenience.
If he cannot be contacted, call the head office in Denmark on +45 62 24 12 54
If you are sick more than 2 days, you need to provide a medical certificate from your own doctor.

When reporting sick please state if help or medical attention is needed then we will assist in any way we can.

In case of absence on the project without giving notice is without payment.

Normal leave is during the rotation periods. Should the employee require leave outside the normal rotation period this must be arranged with the company prior to the leave taking place.

Compassionate Leave

Compassionate leave is when the employee need to take time off work because of something has happened in the employees personal life. This could include things like, life-threatening injury or illness of a relative or dependant, death of a close relative or dependant or the like. SFS will not clearly define a limit to where the compassionate leave is used but we will assess each case separately.

If the employee feels that he/she requires to leave the workplace for the above reasons (or other reasons) contact the Supervisor or the on-site Project Manager to initiate the process. SFS will offer our outmost support in each case.

Accident on Site

In case the employees get involved in an accident and/or get injuries at the work-site, the site-specific Emergency service must be contacted. During the site induction process the employee will be made aware of how to contact the emergency service.
If the site emergency service cannot be contacted, call the head office on +45 62 24 12 54

It is very important for each employee to always observe and abide to the safety rules and regulation. Each employee must always stay vigilant and mind his/her personal safety as well as the safety of others. It is often negligence in this respect that is the root cause of accidents.

Bank Account

Before we can process your data, you must sign a GDPR form. 

Bank Account / Changes of Bank Account
The employee is obligated to always keeping the employer updated with correct and current information about their bank account. Information about bank account must be provided at the start of employment.

Should the employee require to change bank account a request must be forwarded using apply@scanfacility.dk  stating the request e.g. “Request to change bank account information” From our system we’ll send an online form (link) for the employee to update the information directly to our system. Before sending, take extra care in checking that all information is correct

Note: Do NOT send bank account details in emails, sms’ or on WhatsApp etc.!

It is important to upload the correct information. Each employee can only register one account. The account must be registered in the name of the employee.

Scan Facility Service is committed to promote a working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. Discrimination and/or harassment based upon an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion or any other legally protected characteristics will not be tolerated. All employees, including supervisors and management personnel, are expected and required to abide by this policy.

No person will be adversely affected in employment with the employer as a result of bringing forward complaints of unlawful discrimination and/or harassment.


In Denmark almost all employees who are paid by the hour are covered by a pension scheme. Normally the employer contributes with 8% and the employee contributes with 4%. The details and coverage of the pension scheme can vary a little depending on the agreement. 

Each employee in Denmark can access their pension specific information using this link: https://www.pensionsinfo.dk/Welcome

Pension funds will be available on retirement and is a supplement to the national pensions. Contributions to pension schemes are normally tax deductable to a certain extent.

Should the individual employee wish to take out the pension funds before retirement normally a 60% tax rate applies and to this added a fee from the pension company.

Visit the Office

Visit the Office on Site
All employees are welcome to visit the site-office, however please make an appointment before coming (unless it is urgent).
On site SFS are often sharing offices with other companies. In respect of others working in the offices please keep the noise level to a minimum.
Note: It is not allowed to enter the office with dirty/mud covered  shoes/boots.

Visit the Office in Nyborg
All employees are always welcome to visit our main office in Nyborg. Coffee is ready. We suggest to make an appointment before you come, otherwise you could drive in vain.
Please respect the others working in the office and keep the noise level to a minimum.
Note: Do not enter the office with dirty and/or mud covered safety boots/shoes.

Health Insurance

If you are employed in Denmark, but live in another EU/EEA country (i.e. EU Member States + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or Switzerland, you will be entitled to the Special Health Insurance Card and to the Blue European Health Insurance Card.

The Special Health Insurance Card gives you the right to use the public healthcare service in Denmark.


  • Nationality: citizen of another EU-country, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland, UK
  • CPR/tax number
  • Employment in Denmark

As your employer, Scan Facility Service can apply for your Special Health Insurance card on your behalf as an employee in the company.  Thus, we will need a Power of Attorney signed by you.

The Special Health care card is the so called “Yellow Card” containing information for your name, CPR, home address and insurance group 1. You will need to bring the card any time you use the public Health care service.

In most cases, the Danish Health care institution sends automatically the E106/S1 to the health care authority in your home country and you are also entitled to the public health care service in your home country, when you go home on rotations.

You can read more on the below link:


Health Insurance when you are leaving the Company

When you stop with the Company, you should know that your Health care cards ordered by us will be cancelled accordingly.

If you continue to work in Denmark, you will have to yourself or your new Employer order a new Special Health Care card.


The tax laws are very different from country to country and can be very difficult to understand.

Tax (SKAT) in Denmark

In the below the employee is referred to as you or your. The employer is referred to as the company.

Advanced Tax Statement (tax card)(in Danish: Forskudsopgørelse) & Annual Tax Statement (In Danish: Årsopgørelse)

On your start in Denmark, you will need to apply for a tax card, which is issued by the Danish Tax Agency (SKAT) and contains information about your tax rate, tax deductions and allowances. The tax card is only in electronic form and is your Advanced Tax Statement for the current year (Forskudsopgørelse). In Danish, the tax card is called “skattekort” .

The company can apply for your tax card once a Power of Attorney is signed and all information required is provided to the Company. You will get a confirmation by SKAT with a reference number sent to your private e-mail, once the “Application for the tax card and CPR(tax) number” has been sent. You can use this number when contacting SKAT in case you have any queries regarding tax application.

You can find the Tax application form 04.063 for foreign labor on the below link.


Once your Application for the tax card has been processed by SKAT, you will be issued with a tax number, in case you don’t have any. The usual process time of an application is between 5 to 6 weeks.

The Danish Tax Agency /SKAT/ issues an Annual Tax Statement for all registered individuals in Denmark once a year. The Tax Report for the current year is ready by the end of March of the following year.

The Annual Tax Statement and the Advanced Tax Statement can be found on www.skat.dk.

It is your personal responsibility to review your tax card and contact the Danish Tax Agency (SKAT), if the information is not correct or correct it yourself.

Getting the NemID/ TastSelv-kode

In order to check your tax card and any of the Statements, you will need NemID or TastSelv kode. (NemID will change to MitID in the near future)

Nem ID is a personal secure login for digital contact with Danish public authorities, for your Digital Post, e-box, online banking and a wide range of online self-service solutions. It is very important that you regularly check your Digital Post on www.borger.dk, once you get a NemID.

You can apply for a NemID with your ID card/Passport and Special Health Insurance Card in any local Municipal Office together with a witness, in case it is for first time. The witness can be any person who has an active NemID for at least 1 month. One person can be a witness for max 3 other persons within 3 months period.

“TastSelv kode” is a log-in code only for use on skat.dk. It can be ordered on www.skat.dk, click on the blue “Log på” on the right top corner and click on “Bestil kode”. Your code will be sent to your address in your home country with a temporary password. You can set up a new password. Once you receive your TastSelv Kode, click on Log på – “Log på med TastSelv-kode”.

Advanced Tax Statement (tax card) & Annual Tax Statement

Please, follow the below steps to check your Statements on www.skat.dk :

  1. Have your NemID ready/ Tast selv-kode and log in.
  2. Click on “Forskudsopgørelse” on the top line of possible choices, in order to see your tax card. There is a Print off version of the Advanced Tax Statement in PDF by using the icon on the right corner.
  3. Click on “Årsopgørelse” on the top line of possible choices, in order to see your Annual Tax Statement.

From March of the current year, you can see your Annual Tax Statement (Årsopgøresle) issued by SKAT for the previous year. The financial result is shown on the screen.

  • If the result(amount) is in red color, so you will have to pay taxes back.
  • If the result(amount) is in green color, then you will be refunded with the amount.

There will be a message on the same page about the date you will get the money on your NemKonto in case of tax refund (Please, use the Instruction on how to set up a foreign bank account as NemKonto).

Any refunds are transferred to NemKonto in April. The following text states the refund date: “Vi sætter pengene ind pa din NemKonto, den (date)…”.

There is also a Print off version of the Annual Tax Statement in PDF on the right side on the screen.

In case you haven’t been issued with an Annual Tax Statement for certain year, you will need to contact SKAT. You might need to provide more information to SKAT.

If you register your e-mail address on skat.dk , SKAT will send you an e-mail to your private e-mail address, that your Annual Tax report has been issued.

On the same page you can find the place, where you can check and confirm/change your email address: Click on “change your contact details”.


Leaving Denmark

It is your own responsibility to inform the Danish Tax Agency, once you have left the Company and permanently left the country. In case you don’t do this, your tax card will remain active and certain tax issues consequences might arise.

Contact details for the Danish Tax Agency (SKAT):

Phonelines are open:

Monday: 9AM – 5PM, Tuesday-Thursday: 9AM – 4PM, Friday: 9AM – 2PM

Tel: +45 72 22 28 92

Messages can be sent using NemID/TastSelv kode on the below link:


If you don’t have log-in for SKAT, you can send a message using the below contact form:


English: skat.dk/getfile.aspx?id=143828
Polish: skat.dk/getfile.aspx?id=143830

Romanian: skat.dk/getfile.aspx?id=143832
Lithuanian: skat.dk/getfile.aspx?id=143831
Danish: skat.dk/getfile.aspx?id=143827

Tax in Sweden

Data Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

SFS takes data protection seriously. We process personal data and therefore we have adopted this privacy policy, which informs you of how your personal data is processed.

SFS are data controller for the data that we collect concerning you and we ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with the legislation.

CV policy

When receiving a job application and relevant appendices, the materiel will be read by the relevant recruiter with the purpose of answering and assessing the content in relation to a defined job.

CV’s are shared internally with relevant persons in the recruitment process and will not be disclosed to anyone outside the company.

CV’s are saved until the right candidate is found and the recruitment process has been completed – then it will be deleted.

CV will be saved for a maximum of 6 months after which it will be deleted. 

Personal data policy

Personal data is every kind of information which in some way can be assigned to you.

As a customer the following personal data is collected: Name, email, payment information, company name, phone number and additional email signature information

As a supplier and business partner the following personal data is collected: Name, email, payment information, company name, phone number and additional email signature information

When you make use of our website we collect and process different kinds of kind of information. This happens for instance by ordinary access to content, if you sign up for our newsletter, or additional use of services.

Normally we collect and process the following type of data: a unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet or mobile phone, your IP-address, geographical location, as well as which pages you click (interests). To the extent that you give your consent to and enter data yourself we furthermore process: name and e-mail


Personal data about customers is collected for the following purposes:
–   Processing your purchase and supply our services
–   Administration of your relation with us
–   Sending of newsletters.

Personal data about suppliers and business partners is collected for the following purposes:
–    Processing purchases/services
–   Administration of your relation with us
We use your data to optimize our service and content.

Safety policy

We have taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent that your data accidentally or illegally gets deleted, released, lost, impaired or gets to the knowledge of any unauthorized persons, abused or in any way processed against the legislation.

Data minimization policy

We only collect, process and store the personal data necessary to fulfill our purpose. Furthermore, it may be determined by law, what type of data it is necessary to collect and store in connection with our business practices. The type and the extent of the personal data we process can be determined by the need to comply with a contract or any other legal obligation.

Data policy

Since our service depends on the fact that your data is correct and up to date, we ask you to inform us about relevant changes in your personal data. You can make use of the contact information provided above to inform us about your changes, then we will make sure to update your data. If we notice that any data is incorrect, we will update the data and inform you about this.

Period policy

The data is stored in the time span which is allowed according to the legislation, and we will delete it when it is no longer necessary. The time span depends on the data’s character and the basis for the storage. According to this, it is not possible to state a general time span for when data is deleted.

Consent policy

Your consent to receiving our newsletter is voluntary, and you can withdraw it by contacting us at any time. Use the contact information above, if you want further information.]

Passing on data
We use a number of third parties for storage and processing of data, including IT suppliers. They only process data on our behalf and may not use it for their own purposes. In relevant cases data is given to banks, debt collection, transport companies ect.

We will only pass on data such as name, email and so on for other purposes, if you give your consent.

We only make use of data processors in EU or in countries, which can protect data properly.

Data concerning your website use, which ads you receive and click, your geographical location, gender and age segment et cetera, is passed on to third party to the extent that the data is known. You can find out the third parties we are dealing with in the section “Use of cookies” below. The data is used to focus the advertising.

Use of cookies policy

When you visit our website, information about you, which is used to adjust and improve our content and increase the value of the ads shown, is collected. If you do not want information about you to be collected, you should delete your cookies and refrain from visiting the website. You can see a list of what information is collected, their purpose and what third parties can access them below.

Cookies are stored on your computer, mobile phone or similar with the purpose of recognizing it, remember settings, make statistics and focus the ads. Cookies cannot contain damaging content, such as virus.

If you delete or block cookies ads will maybe become less relevant to you and occur more often. Furthermore, you risk that the website does not work optimally and that some content cannot be accessed.

Cookies policy

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer to keep track of what happens during your visit and to recognize the computer. A cookie only contains text, is not a program and cannot contain virus.

Reject or delete cookies

You can always reject the use of cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your web browser. Where you find the settings depends on your browser. Note, that if you reject cookies many functions and services may become unavailable, because these functions and services are based on the website remembering your choices.

Cookies which you have previously accepted can easily be deleted. If you use a PC/computer with a recent web browser you can delete cookies by pressing CTRL + SHIFT+ Delete. If this does not work or if you use a MAC, you can go to your browsers privacy settings.

Remember: If you use more than one browser you need to delete cookies in all of them.

Third party policy

We are uses Google Analytics as a statistical tool on the site. Google Analytics allows us to follow a session around the site and allows us to customize the content by relevance.

Your Rights

At any time, you have the right to be informed of what data we process concerning you, from where we have collected it and what we use it for. You may also be informed about how long we store your data, and who receives data concerning you, to that extent that we pass on data in Denmark and to foreign countries.

If you request, we can inform you about what data we process concerning you. The access might be limited with respect to privacy protection, business secrets and immaterial rights.

You can make use of your rights by contacting us. You can find our contact information at the top.

If you think that the personal data we process concerning you is imprecise, you have the right to have it corrected. In that case you must contact us and inform us what the imprecision is and how it can be corrected.

In some cases, we will have an obligation to delete your personal data. This is for instance the case if you withdraw your consent. If you think that your data is no longer necessary to the purpose we collected it for, you can request it to be deleted. You can also contact us if you believe that your data is processed in contravention of the law or other legal obligations.

You can also lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

When you contact us with a request to have your personal data corrected or deleted, we examine whether the requirements are fulfilled, and if that is the case, we make the changes or delete as soon as possible.

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. You can also object to the processing of our passing of your data for marketing purposes. You can make use of the contact information at the top to object. If your objection is justified, we make sure to stop the processing of your personal data.

You can make use of data portability if you want your data transferred to another data controller or data processor.

On our own initiative, we delete your personal data, when it is no longer needed for the purpose, we collected it for.

If you wish to contact us regarding our processing of personal data, you can do that by: office@scanfacility.dk

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